Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Africa You Never Knew Existed

*Urbanization* and *globalization* stand out as mega trends with continent wide impact reshaping Africa. Just barely ahead of Asia, Africa is urbanizing faster than any other region of the world. By mid century it’s urban population will have more than tripled. These trends are causing a sociological shift producing an emerging *urban tribe *in Africa’s large cities. This éthnei is not defined by historical bloodlines but instead by common space and exposure to the world and all its influences. Like any other tribe; it has it’s own language, culture, and identity.

As a new globalized day dawns across Africa, Urban Tribes seeks to reach the city and its emerging éthnei through strategic planting of high influence and high impact churches.

Durban, South Africa

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nairobi, Kenya

Durban, South Africa


As the old African proverb says well, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! Each Urban Tribes church will be planted using a team approach. We believe we are better together.


The battle for the eternal destinies of the people who inhabit the metropolises of Africa is a spiritual battle. We will initiate, sustain, and accomplish the task of church planting through an intentional prayer focus.

Transformational Engagement

Both Jesus and the early Church modeled intentional involvement with the people they were sent to reach. The manifest presence of Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit produces lasting change. We will integrate ourselves into the community and demonstrate the fruit and function of the Holy Spirt for the sake of its transformation.


Our posture will be as humble partners with God in His redemptive dream for the cities of Africa. We will leverage the apostolic passion of both those to whom we have been sent and those whom have sent us. We will share the load of urban church planting with our indigenous brethren and with our sending church.

Nairobi, Kenya

How Can I Get Involved

Will you pray?

Urban Tribes is looking for those who will intercede over the cities of Africa. We are not wrestling with human beings or governments of man. Our’s is a spiritual battle and we are in desperate need of committed and continual prayer covering. Could God be asking you focused prayer for Africa’s cities?

Will you partner?

The dream to plant churches in Africa’s major cities starts in the heart of God. He births that apostolic passion through the leadership of local churches that sends missionaries to corners of the earth. Is God calling your church to join Him to reach a African metropolis?

Will you give?

Each church plant and planting team member has a budget that must be raised. As urban centers experience a concentration of population they also experience an escalation of expenses. Please respond if God is asking you to give sacrificially towards urban church planting.

Will you go?

Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to join or lead a team to plant a church in major metropolitan city in Africa. There are multiple ways to serve from marketplace business as mission engagement to traditional church staff roles. (Lead Pastor/Planter, Worship and Creative Arts, Media, Children’s/Youth Ministry, Logistics, Discipleship, Deacon/Elder Support, Pastoral Care, etc.)

Lagos, Nigeria

Randy Freeman
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Doug Myers
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